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If we would say that an admission consultant is supposed to be an emotional motivator then there is no doubt in it. Every individual has big dreams and these dreams start traveling towards subconsciousness because of improper guidance. When a student seeks for an advisor his expectation level is very high and his inner is dejected and he wants to be healed at the crunch time of his academic struggle.  Apart from his credentials, affiliation by organization, highly recommended letters there is more a student wants to see in him that is being an “emotional motivator”. Success and happiness is something beyond materialistic measures admission consultant puts a 5 point plan of action before a student1.            Dream big.2.            Set goals.3.            Pursue.4.            Competent.5.            Thrive and accomplish.Stated down are the characteristics of a person who is capable to be called out  “admission consultant”

Dreaming big is the right of every individual, and it can be achieved by setting realistic goals and constant struggle while managing meanders of life in a positive way. Switching over to college from high school is a harried process for parents and students. Its intensity and sensitivity are observed by a parent when deadlines become difficult to meet and being a parent you are thinking to do something serious for your kid because your complete collaboration becomes insufficient. An admission consultant makes stressful process of college admission rather enjoyable by replacing parent’s fears to peace of mind.Stated down are the circumstances in which an admission consultant becomes parent’s investment.He is a person who can choose wisely by unleashing the student’s potential talent while keeping in view of affordability in means of transportation cost, housing and fee loads as well.

Finally, nonverbal battle among ethnic groups has been moved from offices, hospitals and subway stations to Harvard. On July,29th an Asian student didn’t get in the Harvard just because of its intrinsic attributes. He had scored 1600 on the SAT, a super perfect score. The code language used to convey hidden info by the staff appointed there tried to put a fence. The student was ranked first in 592 and his dream to get into his dream university went in dilemma. However, Harvard denies of being discriminated.

Applying to college as a high school junior

31 July, 2018 , by  Vunova

Almost all American students thrive to get admission in their desirable colleges, which obviously depends on their over all transcript being high school juniors. Their potential to get enrolled in high ranked colleges are based on the academic achievements and extracurricular activities they made in standardized test sessions throughout the semesters. Dream colleges likeAmerican educational policies are very encouraging for students in a sense that different platforms like vunova are emerged to connect students and their parents to their prospective colleges via alumnus or alumna, ambassadors and consultants. Vunova has become a blessing, a counselor, an adviser to guide step by step to the students to strive and strike the goal of their life. It is no doubt a pain full hammering on student minds to prepare themselves for a necessary evil SAT and ACT. Students you cannot get jump into Yale or Harvard until and unless you scored up to the mark of the admission criteria. As it is said “as you sow so shall you reap”, exactly the same you have to done, you have to invest your time in productive studying to reap the fruit in future. There are some guidelines which can guide you in the best way.

Scholarships for Indian students

29 July, 2018 , by  Vunova

We have made a descriptive list of international scholarships for Indian students, divided by desired place of study and funding type. If you can’t find the best one, you can browse our list of international scholarships for more options. Good luck!Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation scholarships (for postgraduate and undergraduate studies)The Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowships are offered to outstanding Indians locating in India pursue a Master’s degree at U.S universities and colleges in the following areas.The fellowship will provide the following benefits:For successful Indian application for scholarships, here are a few things which you should run a check on: Keeping your mediators posted about all scholarships which you are applying for. Some Universities request you have more than one referee. In such circumstances, we force you on picking after careful consideration, as they must highlight your abilities and skills well. The British Council has announced instructive scholarships worth Rs 40 crore for Indian students who want to study in the USA. The scholarships will cover a range of different courses from engineering, law, art and design to Information technology across more than 50 institutions in the Notherland, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. These countries also provide job opportunities for their talented students to work after studies and get benefits for both the students and for their country.

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