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How to Kick Start your College Search

22 May, 2018 , by  Vunova

Beginning your search for college is a very exciting yet a very hectic task and at one point it might seem like you will never see a single college which is absolutely perfect for you. However, be assured that you will find a college which is an ideal fit for you; only if you work systematically. Below are some of the steps you can take to have a smooth college search. Talking to your family is the best thing that you can do to start your college search. Preferably, have an open discussion with them; talk to them about their reservations about college, their experiences and your goals and expectations from a college. Also, talk about any hindrances that you might think you’d have later on; including any financial problems. Making a wish-list would actually help you narrow down your choices of a college. Make the list of the things you expect from a college; the majors you would like to choose, the extracurricular activities that you want to be a part of. There must be things that might not seem important at first but list them down anyways. To look for a college which suits you, you first need to have an insight into what college really is. The best insight you’ll get will be from the peers; teachers, parents, relatives, friends and everyone who have been to a college. Remember, everyone will have their own story to tell so by the end, you will have a fair idea of what’s coming up. So when you’re searching for a college, chances are that you will sign up on many websites and before you even know it, your email inbox will be flooded with emails of information, brochures and what not. While it might seem a bit tiring, you will have to go through the emails, deleting the unnecessary one but greatly benefitting from the useful and informative ones. Underestimating the informative ability of college fairs is the biggest mistake you will make while looking for colleges. You will get the chance to get into a one to one conversation with college representatives and have the opportunity to clear all your doubts and confusions. Also, college fairs are very good chance to network with people from different colleges. With latest technologies and the revolution of the internet, there is a lot of research which can be done just by a click. Websites have a plethora of information and virtual tours which is the closest you can get to see the university without physically being there. If nothing else, you can get a vibe of the college. If you can visit the campus, nothing like it. Visiting the campus will get you an insight, online virtual tours cannot. Plus, it will cover everything; from seeing what the place looks like to getting the feel of the university to see if it suits you and networking with the people from the college. So if you have decided to visit a university then do consider meeting their ambassadors. Click here to see the list of university ambassadors.

As you would know by all the research that you might have done, your years in college are not at all a smooth road. There are many ups and downs for students, thus, naturally, there will be times you’d want to quit and dropping out of college would seem like a very justified decision. Those are the times when your willpower will be put to a real test and you will have to stay strong. It becomes easier to withstand these moments when you know about them and you are mentally prepared for them. Below are 10 moments when you’ll just feel like dropping everything and walking out of college. Your financial aid report will be one of the scariest things you’ll ever lay your eyes on. It would just remind of the loans that you will be responsible for and would give you’re a quick run through the responsibilities and the urgency of a job that you are going to encounter in the future. There will come a point in your life when you’ll compare the time you spent studying and juggling tight budgets and that exact amount of time spent in earning and working. You’ll be surprised to add up and it would seem that you’ve forgone a fortune for nothing. However, at this point, it is important that you realize that all of this is for a brighter future. So college is not all about studying. A student also needs to social and indulge in other social activities other than just academics. There will come a time when you wouldn’t be able to balance right and might forget to prepare for a quiz or forget to do a very important assignment due the next day or just in a few hours. At this point, you’ll experience a last-minute panic or a severe emotional background and that’s when you’d feel like quitting college and run out of the campus. One of the things in college which will be very common to you is being a part of a group in projects and assignments where you’ll be the only person working and all the other members of the group will appear at the last moment to make sure that their name is written when it’s time for credits. You’ll feel like labeling the entire college experience as unfair and skipping right into the practical world where only you will get the fruit of your efforts. This is very typical in most colleges and even schools. Each professor will burden you with assignments and work like their subject is the only subject you’re enrolled in. By the end of the day, you’ll have heaps and heaps of work due just the next day and most of the work would be meaningless. Then you’d realize that attending college isn’t tough for nothing. Naturally, when you don’t understand something in college or you need an expert advice, you’d go to the adviser to put in a word of help for you. However, there is no guarantee that you’ll always get an adviser who’ll talk sense, solve your problems and be a superman to your college life. Chances are that you might end up with an adviser who might know less than you and under the burden of all the queries and problems that you might have, the end of the world (or your college life) would seem near. Having friends to talk to and hang around with is a very natural human need. However, you’ll realize that in college, making friends is much harder than making friends in school. Chances are that during all the time that you’re in college, you might not make any friends at all. Thus, during the bouts of loneliness, you’ll feel like quitting college. Since most students are so pressurized about scoring well in each and every exam, each paper seems to be the end of the world. There will be times when you will just mess up an exam of yours and when you come out thinking that it would have been tough for everyone, your friend declares that the questions were a piece of cake. At that time you might think that you’re too dumb to continue studies and dropping out of college is the correct option for you. College is all about independence, whether you ask for it or you don’t. However, not all students meet the responsibilities and might not have the same perspective towards them. Many students become homesick and it gets so much that they just want to quit college and all the independence to go back to a comparatively more secure life before they are ready to attend college again. This is a real reality check! Gradually as time passes, you keep on pushing memories into the background and barely notice the changes in you. However, looking back at old picture instantly brings back everything which might make you want to go back to your comparatively more stress-free life.So this is the time when you need guidance from some seniors of your colleges. College ambassadors can help you in this matter.

Before we talk about this, it is important for you to know that graduating early is not everyone’s cup of tea. While some students are able to muster up credit hours and fulfill the requirements before time, other might need full 4 years of education before they can go out in the market; being both ways is totally fine. However, if you are or plan to be the former, here are some of the benefits that you’ll be enjoying by getting out of college on time. As you all must have researched by now, college and housing costs are a great strain on any family and most families often have to give up on their assets to pay for the education of one college-going child. This makes graduating early a very convenient option for the students who aim to save the money and get done with college before time. Economic burden on the family is probably one of the biggest reasons for students to graduate early. Every May and June, there are heaps of students graduating from almost all universities and colleges. This creates a rush in the job market and the amount of students actually ending up with a job immediately drops considerably. Thus, if the student graduates early; preferably around January, the student will have greater chances of getting a job since there will be comparatively less competition. Apart from saving money, as mentioned earlier, graduating before time means that you will be up to be employed earlier, will get a job earlier and will start earning before time. This actually works well for the student and the student’s family who will have their family income increased instead of giving thousands of dollars to the college according to what they might have planned. Graduating early is also very beneficial for the students who want to do their post-graduation immediately. Graduating early would give the students ample time to execute their further plan; fulfilling the requirements of post-graduate, filling out forms and working on their admissions. The students will be saved from the rush that the last minute application process would otherwise cause them. Talking about post-graduation, there are students who want to take longer roads of education, for e.g. want to pursue a medical degree after the basic bachelors. For such students, graduation earlier is actually a good thing because this would just cut the extra time and get on to working for their goal before time.

Things to Avoid in College to Save Time

16 May, 2018 , by  Vunova

Since there are numerous ways you can waste your time, especially in college; below are some of the activities that you should be avoiding to use your time efficiently. Emailing is just another branch of the internet, Now if you’re attending college and are away from home, email is nothing less than a blessing for you. Email is a great medium to catch up with your family and friends especially when you’re far from them. Moreover, you can apply for jobs and get in touch with your professors for updates and queries. However, the benefits of email greatly die down when the email starts interrupting the everyday tasks and take the priority. Thus, all is good as long as you don’t check your emails every 2 minutes. Here comes the prime source of procrastination amongst students; as something most of the parents like believing. Considering all the features that a typical smartphone has is enough to keep a person engaged unnecessarily during the day; texting, taking selfies, games and social media. One should simply limit their hours on the cell phone if you know that you’ll be overwhelmed by it every time. However, cell phone is quite a help if you limit the use to the basics and use it to make necessary calls and messages and sorting out day to day matters. While we have talked about the internet and social media being the reasons for procrastination, YouTube deserves a mention due to being extremely useful to students and taking a massive part of their attention for nothing. It’s been ages since YouTube has helped students with documentaries, tutorials, and short films to enhance knowledge for their academics. However, lately, students get indulged in movies and seasons which take their attention away from their studies. Very popularly, 2 minutes on YouTube become 2 hours before you even realize it. We would actually recommend you to have some sort of a video game in your dorm or anywhere you spend your free time. There will be times when you would need some time off your academics and even socializing and would need some time alone. Video games are a very good way to unwind when such a situation occurs. However, if you skip on sleeping or doing your assignments because you have been playing games, then it’s time your pack up your game and hide it away. When it comes to the brighter side of missing your sleep, there isn’t really a productive side of being sleep deprived. However, it can be ‘sometimes’ justified; if you’re completing a paper, having an experience of a lifetime with your friends at college, filling up important deadlines or doing something which is going to take you a long way. However, despite these reasons, you’re still supposed to draw a line and have a strict threshold of being sleep deprived. If sleep deprivation is taking a toll on your mental, emotional and physical health and reducing your productivity, then you need to reset your priorities accordingly.

Time Management tips for College Students

15 May, 2018 , by  Vunova

Just being in the college life is tough with so many things to do; attending classes, participating in extra-curricular activities, managing finances, looking for a job, maintaining a social life and what not. Amongst all this, it becomes important that the student manages their time well to be able to fulfill all responsibilities efficiently. While there are many typical tips to be a pro at time management, below are some of the don’ts you need to consider in order to save time. Social media plays its part when it comes to students wasting hours of their precious time and choosing to loiter on whereas, they should ideally be having their noses in books or doing something productive. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are all the renowned culprits of taking the stealing time off students’ watches and making them the best procrastinating versions of themselves. The ideal way to control this is by setting a fixed time for social media every day or completely shutting it out while you’re busy with more important things. While socializing with people is seen as a good thing, access of it just leads to a lot of time waste. While you must have heard that taking a break from your studies and socializing with people is actually good, like many other things, too much of it is not good. As a responsible student, it is important that you draw a line between the two. While it is good to learn new things from people and engage yourself in healthy conversations, mingling with people and going out of the way to do it leads to worthless gossip and eventually avoiding more important things that you might have to do. There has often been a debate about the usefulness of the internet. While it is true that the internet has opened new dimensions for people, the internet has also opened numerous ways for people to avoid more important things in life and have their eyes glued to their screens. Thus, using the internet for assignments, research or catching up on current affairs is good and will eventually help with your education. However, finding the internet to be an escape from your academics and wasting time on the web in things which are not of your concern surely costs your education a lot. Unlike what many people would suggest you, partying is not actually that bad for your academics, in fact hanging out with your friends during your free time is actually necessary and healthy for you. Apart from relaxing your mind, you get to socialize with new people, make new contacts and get to celebrate special occasions with your friends. However, the real problem occurs when you cross the line and engage in unhealthy activities which impede your ability to function efficiently the next day and harm your health in the longer run. No, we don’t mean dramatics here; it’s the politics that students have between them that we’re referring to here. While we don’t recommend you to completely stay away from it because, let’s be real, if you have friends, you’ll have to help them out when they get themselves into trouble. However, feeling the need to fix things where you can’t, will just waste your time and might also get you into trouble with the authorities. So basically, you really need to see if what you’re getting involved in is necessary and worth it.

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