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What makes you eligible for financial aid?

24 September, 2018 , by  Vunova

Financial aid, whether it cascades under the assemblage of “gift aid” or “self-help aid” both are premeditated to benefit students in keeping their study course unconstrained. Grants are usually the best type of financial assistance as there is no payback tautness in it, generally it is engendered by the federal government or from the state.Federal grants are generated by the federal government. Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants are bestowed to hack the financial crisis. It has nothing to do with your academic and non-academic achievements. It is premeditated for students who are financially needed and want to keep their academic expedition smooth and going tranquilly. Seats are always limited so students should apply on earliest basis to avail this type of economic help.One type of state grant is Cal Grant which is subsidized by the state of California. Students can avail Cal Grants if they meet the academic and financial eligibility criteria quantified by the state.It is a financial help for fresh high school graduates to public and private colleges and tuition fees are covered under this package. If you are studying in community college then rule of “Cal Grant A transfer entitlement award” will be applied. One year coursework is necessary. It is for the students having low incomes. $1,670 are granted for stationery and books along with an accommodation cost. $600 are given for full time community college students. But if you have enrolled in any private or public college then it is urgently needed to activate it and then it come under Cal Grant B transfer entitlement award.  You are said to be eligible for this grant if you are a part of any vocational program for at least four months duration at community college, private or any training college. $547 is funded for tuition fee and technical and vocational training, books and equipment. $ 2462 are granted for tuition fee to cover the fee expense in case if you study at any school other than community college. Students came from low income families and having minimum GPA 3.0 and 2.0 are eligible for this grant to be sanctioned. Same rule of grant will be applied on community college student, that they can activate all these grants are activated when transfer to any eligible college or university. Minimum GPA requirement is 3.0. Students came from low income families. Grant will cover tuition fee for qualifying an academic program of at least 2 years duration. Minimum GPA requirement is 2.0 and belongs to a low-income family group. Grant will cover tuition fee and other costs to qualify academic program of at least one year duration. Student will get $1670 in the first year to meet educational expenses, in which transportation cost and stationery expenditure is also included. Succumb FAFSA and substantiated GPA before deadline.March 2nd each year is a time limit for applying both entitlement and competitive Cal Grant awards. Get ready before the deadline to submit essentials. Keep in touch with your financial advisor to guide you for the financial assistance you deserve.Students enrolled in California community colleges can also apply for grant in September 2nd which is the final date of submission and accompanied by very limited seats. Main rudiments of Student Success Completion grant are stated as under.$4000 per year are granted to students to be on track and get graduate degree quicker.The main concern and eligibility criteria to avail the grant is “More classes More money”.15 units per semester enable you to get a financial cushion, which is not an easy target to accomplish. A financial counselor or advisor can advice you to choose the best path towards destination.If you are already a recipient of Cal Grant B and C, then student success completion grant will contribute by an additional amount of $1298 in meeting your educational overhead.A scholarship is somewhat dissimilar from grant, it is also backed by the same gesticulation as a grant. “a financial need” is a notion behind both terms. But there are also other measures as well to win over scholarship. An awardee of the scholarship is being selected on the basis of test scores and grade point average. A scholarship is also awarded on non-academic reasons like sports and tennis or any other sports achievement.  The most common scholarship types are stated as under.Merit based.Minority based.Career-specific.Intellectual/skill. (Awarded on intellectual reasoning)Creative/innovative projects and ideas. (Projects on creativity and innovative ideas)Self-help aid is a financial assistance given to students on some repayment schedules. Following are few broader appellations of self-help aid.Student loans are sanctioned to the teens whose study path becomes constrained due to the financial crisis they are facing. Student loans are generated generally by two sources.Federal direct student loan program. (Leniency in terms and flexibility at repayments)Private education loans.Your financial advisor can guide you that what type of economical self-help sounds best for you. Under this compendium students are permitted to do part time jobs. Usually 15-20 hours in a week are prearranged for students to do part time job, whether in campus or in nearby localities. It alleviates their education expense load and removes mental stress to some extent. You are allowed to work and earn throughout your academic session even in summer vacations. Part time jobs are accommodating for students to groom socially. Students learn time management and develop soft skills at their work place while interacting with different ethnicity and embark confidence.If you need any guidance then please fill the assessment form and our experts will connect with you.....!!!

How to embark upon SAT successfully

22 September, 2018 on Undergraduate , by  Vunova

SAT is a decisive exam and is taken to brings equity in education. Tutors are providing services to undergraduates efficaciously with their extensive knowledge and experience.Determination + Hard work = SuccessMentioned above are two vigorous ingredients to conquer the SAT but along few effective strategies which steer to accomplish your goal. There are two types of strategies to follow:Pre-test strategies refer to hard work and determination to ace the SAT, score more than 1500 makes you competitive and distinguished from the rest of applicants. If the student actively and vigilantly acts upon the following strategies then path of success would be relatively easier.The answer behind this riddle depends on your preparatory score and target score. How much Improvement is needed will determine your study hours. If you are facing the SAT giant for the first time then there is a need for self-assessment. On testing sites, there are official test papers feigning real test conditions. If the student gets points from 0-50 range then he has to scuffle for 10 hours study. And if test score performance falls between 250-350 points then a student will have to invest maximum hours in studying hard. Concentrate whole heartedly on areas that need improvement and integrate efficient practice material.It is always best to choose a material for practice resembles the actual layout of SAT. Because it is a customized test designed on a different format. Do not go for practice to prep books having questions either tougher or not in accordance with the actual format of SAT. It is suggested and advisable to join official test sessions that are similar to the real picture and provide quality test material.The next phase is figuring out the reason for missing questions. Reason can be any of the following:SAT is a pitiless test that does not spare you on being negligent for any of the above-mentioned reason. If you are unable to decipher the reason of losing marks after going through the bulk of practice sessions then actually no improvement is taking place, you are standing still. If you are unable to unleash ins and outs then get educational assistance, mentors are like doctors who can diagnose area of weakness with a plan of action to cure. Once the weakness is cured, journey of improvement steps forward. Time management strategy is helpful in completing a test within the allotted time and this problem will be solved by doing practice. If you are facing the problem of not getting the true meaning of the content because of unfamiliar terminologies and tough vocabulary then put your focus on memorizing common SAT words, solution falls in vocabulary enhancement and in obtaining tutoring to remove grammatical errors and construct a solid sentence structure.Now you are sitting in an examination room with mind stiffness and apprehensions with uncomfortable state of mind and in this whole scenario time is a real curse. Follow the stated down tips to complete test quickly and efficiently:Even if you are not sure about the correct answer just make a hunch as you have 25% probability to pick the correct one. Time management strategy is that’s why becomes quite vital because it gives you an opportunity to invest a prescribed time usually in seconds on each question. It is suggested to think deeper instead of skipping and giving yourself a chance to fluke. It may rise a likelihood to get the right answer.Highlighting key words is a useful technique to know the whereabout of the question. It is an accommodating strategy to have an idea about the content which minimizes the chance of committing mistakes.It is an interesting technique to arrive at correct options. When you remove all the choices you think as wrong, then the probability to select the right one rises. Makes it feasible to double check your test paper before handing over. Test prep centers in California are providing best educational assistance to conquer SAT through tutoring and online practice and test sessions.

Factors to consider while selecting the college

19 September, 2018 , by  Vunova

College selection is a vital decision as it will have long-lasting effects on your future. It is a vigorous decision regarding college transition which is a complicated and perplex process for a teen and parents which needs an advanced level of inspection. An admission consultant in a knowledgeable person who has an up to the mark information regarding It is necessary to know about the college you are interested to get admission is accredited or not. Its curriculum should be academically stout to compete and meet higher education standards.Your college selection should depend on your interest and abilities. Track your passion that whether you are a person of liberal arts or inclined towards technical fields. First decide then go to shop of a college suit you.A distance between your college and home really matters. In a big city, everything will become expensive. It is very important to consider the cost of traveling, college crime statistics and neighboring localities.College dimensions specify academic options, sports culture, research labs, multiple majors, diverse choices and concentration. In simple words the size of a college plays a vital role in teen’s grooming and embark confidence.It is the most important factor which trumps all issues left behind. Private colleges are expensive as compare to the public. Private colleges attract more students by financial endowments it alleviates a degree of tuition fee load but other expenses remain same.It is an explicit factor which determines your ultimate decision. An admission consultant guides you by sharing literature and capitals with you. Accompanying the search keeps you well informed. Do not depend on US reports and Worlds news publications, they might have a misleading ranking. Visit departments of your major and meet seniors you will have plenty of information regarding academic standard.Standard of academics and faculty both are interconnected to each other. College faculty is not only a bunch of professors rather they are more than teachers inculcate soft and hard skills and also develop social skill in a teen to make him a treasured citizen of the U.S.It is a factor which is exceedingly significant. First, select a college and then for the major you are aiming to study. Transfer college costs will put loads of stress on your pocket by further extending your college year. It is suggested to keep a series of opportunities in mind.College selection process is no doubt a matter of thoughtful consideration. It can be easier by navigating through the entire process and ponder all the factors efficiently to make subsequent choice THE BEST.

College endowments for education enhancement

18 September, 2018 , by  Vunova

College offers multiple financial aid programs for students for making their course of study unconstrained and free of tautness. Private colleges are expensive than public colleges and facilitate the student by alleviating fee loads. There are assorted endowments either in private or in public colleges. It is problematic for a parent and student to understand the stressful admission process and the choices by which a student can avail financial aid. In California students can meet financial advisors who are loyal and trustworthy and they do not take benefit of student’s system obliviousness. They choose the college that meets your study and financial requirements and facilitate in a best possible way.There are two types of financial aids. 1.    Gift aids: Grants and scholarships. 2.    Self-help aids: Student loans, work-study, and part-time employment.Gift aids as its meaning is self-explanatory. This is a type of help or assistance to students which is gifted to them to inspire and motivate. Usually, students who show impressive academics are eligible to receive the aid. If you are a science student and has designed a project or an article based on scientific knowledge published in school magazine along with a letter of recommendation by the teachers, then you are eligible to receive such gifted aids but depends on the eligibility criteria which varies college to college. Participation in any program of community self-help like fund raising for the treatment of thalassemia patients can raise probable worthiness to fall in this category.It is a kind of flair aid, prearranged for students to appreciate and encourage on their previous curricular and non-curricular achievements. These financial gifts alleviate financial burden and stimulate them to perform well in studies or in any field of inspiration. Grants and scholarships support protection by covering the cost of attendance. Stated down are clauses which fall under this category.Self-help aid programs are planned for students who want to lift a bit of their education expense on their shoulders. This type of indirect financial assistance is helpful in teen’s personality development, boost confidence and enhance social skills. Terms and conditions of student loans vary from college to college. Every college has a student loan program depending on a payback period and number of installments. Students can get advice from the financial advisor to choose a loan program for them which suits them, and has better terms and conditions supported by flexible repayment procedure.The program specially designed to benefit students by giving them an opportunity to earn money by doing part-time jobs. Usually students under this package are allowed to do a job for 15-20 hours a week. Work study compendium does not only serve as a financial aid for a student but also plays a positive role in behavioral development by incorporating social skills and time management.

Optimal time student should invest for test prep

15 September, 2018 , by  Vunova

It is truly suggested to prepare for your hard-hitting day right from the beginning over the course of your academic session. SAT and ACT are not that type of tests for which over night cramming would be enough to cross the hurdle efficaciously. These uniform tests are designed in a fiddlier way. Test prep centers in California are educational institutions and have appointed best educationists to steer students in constructive ways. Who make students adaptable of the test layout by providing high distinction test material.There are two conventional ways to get prepared for tests.Rote learning is not an upright route chosen for success. It is a superficial learning does not meet the requirements of a trickier test like SAT and ACT.Conceptual learning is a profound learning which directly targets success. Conceptual learning is a meaningful learning which benefits a student in his professional and social life. It is a vigorous learning which produces prolific results. It is actually a constructive study which promotes knowledge and develop social skills and develop numerous ways to interact with people. It encounters two learning goals which are as underConceptual learning is a right route selected to get victory over an unkind giant of SAT and ACT.The most important thing is the student has to be industrious to tackle tests effectually.A diagnostic test is a best way to determine how many hours are adequate to study. It is a best technique to scrutinize your strategy and aspire fallouts. Result of a diagnostic test gives a true picture of your standing on a scale of growth.How many hours are sufficient for study to accomplish a goal can also be determined by going through the colleges you are aiming for, average score of students enrolled there will guide you in multiple ways. For instance, what should be your level of hard graft to get over there.Maintain a log record in which you enter test scores and study hours on daily or weekly basis and interpret those figures in the reflection of plan of action. It indicates the hours you need to hit the books. Everyone is different at intelligence level and takes time to grasp things according to the caliber.;               COMPOSITE SCORE INCREASE            REQUIRED PERIOD OF TIME                      3 TO 4 POINTS                       1 TO 2 MONTHS                                           5 TO 6 POINTS                        3 TO 4 MONTHS                    7 TO 10 POINTS                     6 MONTHS TO 1 YEAR       Test prep centers in California are providing spectacular tutoring services to guide students according to their caliber and intelligence level. Better guidance is available for the struggling and confuse students and for the ones who want to improve their previous bad score. According to the situation and condition it is prescribed by the centers that how many hours they should study to meet their goal and can make their transcript appealing.

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