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Introduction to the Federal Student Aid (FSA)

10 October, 2018 , by  Vunova

Federal Student Aid (FSA), an office of the U.S. Department of Education, is the largest provider of student financial aid for education beyond high school.It is also responsible for the processing of Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the form used for all federal student aid distribution programs, as well as for many state, regional, and private student aid programs. FSA also manages the outstanding federal student loan portfolio.FSA provides financial assistance in the form of grants, loans, and work-study funds:Grants are a type of financial aid that does not need to be repaid. These are usually for undergraduate students and are based on need, cost of attendance, and enrollment status. This grant is designed for low and middle-income undergraduate students. Pell Grants range from $652 to $6095. This grant is for students who are ineligible for a Pell Grant only because of the program’s need requirements and whose parent or guardian died during military service in Iraq or Afghanistan after September 11, 2001. The Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education is awarded to undergraduate or graduate students who are taking coursework necessary to become elementary or secondary teachers. Recipients must agree to serve as a full-time teacher in a public or private school serving low-income students for at least 4 years. The maximum award is $4,000. Loans are borrowed money that must be repaid with interest. Both undergraduate and graduate students may borrow money. Parents can also borrow for dependent undergraduate students. Through Direct Loan Program, eligible students and parents can borrow directly from the federal government at participating schools. Schools are responsible for administering these aid programs on behalf of the federal government. These are low-interest loans that are provided through a school’s financial aid office. Both undergraduate and graduate students with exceptional financial need are eligible to receive Federal Perkins Loan. FSEOG is a program through which Federal Student Aid provides funds to school, who in turn offer the grant to the students. FSEOG grants range from $100 to $4,000. Provides part-time jobs for undergraduate and graduate students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses.While students can apply for these financial aid program by themselves, it is sometimes recommended to use professional help to explore all financial aid and scholarship opportunities.

Factors to consider while selecting the college

6 October, 2018 , by  Vunova

College selection is a vital decision as it has long-lasting effects on the future of a student. It is a vigorous process and sometimes gets complicated for both students and parents. Besides student’s aspirations, there are other factors that play a critical role in making the right college selection. Below we are listing some important factors that need to be considered while making this decision. In many cases, we recommend seeking professional guidance as well.Your PassionYour college selection should depend on your interest and abilities. Track your passion that whether you are a person of liberal arts or inclined towards technical fields. First decide then go to shop of a college suit you.College AccreditationIt is necessary to know about the college you are interested to get admission is accredited or not. Its curriculum should be academically stout to compete and meet higher education standards.Geographical Location:A distance between your college and home really matters. In a big city, everything will become expensive. It is very important to consider the cost of traveling, college crime statistics and neighboring localities.College Rank:Standard of education and quality of faculty both are key factors that should be considered while applying for admissions. You can find out related key information of undergraduate colleges and universities here. Your GPA, SAT, ACT ScoresIf you are looking to get admission into a college or university that ranks well, it is also important to be realistic about the probability of your admission which usually depends on your high school or transfer college CGPA, SAT or ACT scores. GPA and test scores are key determinants of university admission decisions. Tuition & Living CostIt is one of most important factor which usually trumps all issues left behind. Private colleges are expensive as compare to the public. However private colleges may offer financial aid which alleviates a degree of tuition fee load but other expenses remain same.College selection process is no doubt a matter of thoughtful consideration. It can be easier by navigating through the entire process and ponder all the factors efficiently to make subsequent choice THE BEST.

How reconquering SAT/ACT test can be operative?

3 October, 2018 , by  Vunova

SAT/ACT tests benefit you by permitting several trials for upgrading the test score. When you are enthusiastic to improve your transcript then need to put extra effort to fill the gap.When you talk about retaking something then you need to think profound on two facetsWhy you could not score well in the previous attempt?It is a question which is prerequisite to be answered in identifying loopholes. When you unleash reasons of the objectionable score then you will diagnose those mistakes which have become the cause of your unwanted score. Firstly, you need to trace out that actually where a problem falls, if the problem area is the math portion then follow the stated down instructions to cope with the matterWhat strategies you can opt to go for improvement?Students when you are preparing for your tests for the purpose of upgrading scores then you need extra fuel and energy for a big jump. Following are tried and tested measures to minimize the gap between your current score and to the ordained score point.BOTTOM LINE:Students and parents hunt for assistance for the improvement of test scores, which needs more hard work. SAT and ACT are crucial placement tests design in a different way rather than conventional. There is a prodigy behind to fill that bay which can stand you out and make you distinguished. So it is expected to point out the hindrance in the process of learning and preparing and as per mentioned above factors, they are the most common errors. Thus, practice centers provide the most suitable platform to improve scores. It is the most agreed upon factor among professionals and mentors that writing and math section are in dire need to be improved. It is the practice centers which fulfill that very of students in which they are likely to lack. Practice centers enable students to remove all sorts of gaps which hamper in their way to score efficiently. It is a rather well known and researched fact that all students have different capabilities relative to variant fields. Thus students need educational assistance differently on realistic grounds and that is fulfilled by mentors. Mentors and experts have designed such assessment material which particularly inculcates their abstract skill set. After years of analysis, mentors now employ more comprehensive approach to deal with the error-prone areas among students. Excellent scores are the product of this research, hard work of mentors and counseling along with the practice, provision of such an environment which brings ample resources to succeed, there is much likelihood to improve and grow. Students need to realize that they have the skill set necessary for the exam, they just need practice and a push to the top tap on the shoulder, which practice centers provide in the form of different techniques. Thus, in the assistance of counselors and professional teachers, employing all relative material, students can achieve the desired results in their exams. Basically, practice centers pave the way to succeed and accomplish goals among students, developing a positive self-image. There have been instances where failure in this respective exam has led to financial and psychological disturbance, in this way practice centers brew an ideal platform to inculcate students’ best skill set to ensure success.

Low GPA doesn’t mean low intelligence level. Sometimes students secured low GPA not because they lack in skill and talent, in fact, they run short of funds and to support their education they have to put hours in work-study programs. According to the survey students who avail work-study programs do not get sufficient time to concentrate on academics and eventually secured unsatisfactory score. There may be a couple of reasons for low GPA, some students enjoy visual learning, for instance, they take more interest in projects, assignments and study trips than in the conventional ways of learning. These students are actually brainy and their focus is on conceptual learning.Stated down are the sources of financial assistance which can be availed by low GPA strivers accompanied by any reason.Minimum GPA eligibility criteria is 2.0. This scholarship is awarded in the memory of late Amber Huber because of her positive attitude in her last days of life while struggling with cancer. The scholarship is exclusively for female students who are graduate of Byron High School and has participated in school track program. It is awarded to those students who are senior graduates of Rockford Christian High School and have devoted their self for any task which has a philanthropical perspective at the campus or for the community. In order to avail the prescribed gift-aid, your minimum GPA should be 2.0.4600 dollars are awarded by Anonymous Foundation Scholarship to freshman, sophomores and junior/ senior college students who are a perpetual dweller of California. Required eligibility in grade point average is 2.0. It is mandatory that an applicant should be an American citizen. The claimant should have full-time enrollment in an ascribed public or private college/university. Any of the descendent has been enrolled in Native Corporation.The scholarship amount of $2500 is for undergraduate youth who are registered for at least one year in ascribed mechanical, technical or industrial engineering prospectus. Minimum GPA of 2.0 is an eligibility prerequisite.Applicant should belong to the low-income family group, pertaining low GPA as 2.0 and 3.0. Community college student having prescribed GPAs can apply for financial assistance when they are registered any ascribed college or university. Students secured 3.0 GPA are compatible for Cal Grant A Competitive Award. An Awarded grant will cover tuition fee for the academic session of two years course time. Teens with comparatively low GPA than 3 are privileged for this award. Minimum required GPA for Cal Grant B Competitive Award is 2.0 qualifying for the academic session of at least 1 year, the grant will cover the tuition fee. Writing/reading material, transference and edification overhead will be paid from the grant of $ 1670. The claimant should also submit FAFSA to the federal officer along with verified GPA transcript. The three scholarships are awarded to senior graduates who are intended to link pitches in electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. $2000 is an awarded amount which is finite and unsustainable, alienated over the period of the spring semester. The claimant should have minimum 2.0 GPA to be eligible for the scholarship. Claimants are eligible for the said scholarship if they had validated 20 hours in community immersion, in the academic session of their high school.The scholarship is awarded to a student (male and female) of Saginaw school district school. Applicants are supposed to be among those students who have taken full advantage of academic prospects and reflect in learning. Senior graduates of Arthur Hill High School or Saginaw High School, pertaining 2.5 GPA and who are envisioned to get admission in Michigan college or university.The Kappa Scholarship Endowment fund is for students of Washington, DC, who are energetic knowledge graspers and buccaneers who take and accept adroitness. Who are active partakers in community service’s development in improving the quality of life of the people. Students who are graduate seniors of public/ charter high school at Washington, DC, have secured minimum GPA of 2.5 are entitled for the endowment fund to be endorsed in their favor. Applicants should be financially constrained and have submitted a free application for FAFSA for financial assistance along with two letters of endorsement. Certified high school’s transcript is also required by Kappa fund along with a letter of acceptance from an ascribed institution of higher learning for succeeding years.Minimum 3.0 GPA is required for students to be entitled for the scholarship. The primary prerequisite is to design and invest one whole day with children having special needs. Claimants major fields of study should include multiple therapies, learning disabilities (physical or learning), associated mental and health vocations, communal work and psycho/edification counseling. Applicant should be an attendant of college or university, anywhere in one of three states of Great Southwest District (Colorado, New Mexico or El Paso Country Texas).1000$ are awarded by ATLE to senior graduates who are resident of Texas and will join Texas school for higher studies. The primary purpose behind the gift aid is to stimulate awareness for higher studies in high school seniors of Texas. Minimum GPA of an applicant should be at least 3.0. Applicant should have established any communal work at school and any service rendered to community. There are multiple types of financial assistance available in form of endowment funds, scholarships, and grants for low GPA strivers. It is a time when a financial advisor can assist you in getting financial assistance that you were about to miscue because of low-grade point average.  Most students miss the opportunity to avail gift or self-help aid because of lack of knowledge about federal and privates aid programs. If you are besieged in academics by pertaining comparatively low-grade point average, then there is no need to break into the flop sweat. There are several sources of getting financial aid which suits your situation and condition. Feel welcome to fill out our assessment form, our team of professionals will contact you. You can collaborate with them by sharing your queries and apprehensions regarding financial aid, eligibility criteria, and meeting deadlines ingeniously.

What makes you eligible for financial aid?

24 September, 2018 , by  Vunova

Financial aid, whether it cascades under the assemblage of “gift aid” or “self-help aid” both are premeditated to benefit students in keeping their study course unconstrained. Grants are usually the best type of financial assistance as there is no payback tautness in it, generally it is engendered by the federal government or from the state.Federal grants are generated by the federal government. Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants are bestowed to hack the financial crisis. It has nothing to do with your academic and non-academic achievements. It is premeditated for students who are financially needed and want to keep their academic expedition smooth and going tranquilly. Seats are always limited so students should apply on earliest basis to avail this type of economic help.One type of state grant is Cal Grant which is subsidized by the state of California. Students can avail Cal Grants if they meet the academic and financial eligibility criteria quantified by the state.It is a financial help for fresh high school graduates to public and private colleges and tuition fees are covered under this package. If you are studying in community college then rule of “Cal Grant A transfer entitlement award” will be applied. One year coursework is necessary. It is for the students having low incomes. $1,670 are granted for stationery and books along with an accommodation cost. $600 are given for full time community college students. But if you have enrolled in any private or public college then it is urgently needed to activate it and then it come under Cal Grant B transfer entitlement award.  You are said to be eligible for this grant if you are a part of any vocational program for at least four months duration at community college, private or any training college. $547 is funded for tuition fee and technical and vocational training, books and equipment. $ 2462 are granted for tuition fee to cover the fee expense in case if you study at any school other than community college. Students came from low income families and having minimum GPA 3.0 and 2.0 are eligible for this grant to be sanctioned. Same rule of grant will be applied on community college student, that they can activate all these grants are activated when transfer to any eligible college or university. Minimum GPA requirement is 3.0. Students came from low income families. Grant will cover tuition fee for qualifying an academic program of at least 2 years duration. Minimum GPA requirement is 2.0 and belongs to a low-income family group. Grant will cover tuition fee and other costs to qualify academic program of at least one year duration. Student will get $1670 in the first year to meet educational expenses, in which transportation cost and stationery expenditure is also included. Succumb FAFSA and substantiated GPA before deadline.March 2nd each year is a time limit for applying both entitlement and competitive Cal Grant awards. Get ready before the deadline to submit essentials. Keep in touch with your financial advisor to guide you for the financial assistance you deserve.Students enrolled in California community colleges can also apply for grant in September 2nd which is the final date of submission and accompanied by very limited seats. Main rudiments of Student Success Completion grant are stated as under.$4000 per year are granted to students to be on track and get graduate degree quicker.The main concern and eligibility criteria to avail the grant is “More classes More money”.15 units per semester enable you to get a financial cushion, which is not an easy target to accomplish. A financial counselor or advisor can advice you to choose the best path towards destination.If you are already a recipient of Cal Grant B and C, then student success completion grant will contribute by an additional amount of $1298 in meeting your educational overhead.A scholarship is somewhat dissimilar from grant, it is also backed by the same gesticulation as a grant. “a financial need” is a notion behind both terms. But there are also other measures as well to win over scholarship. An awardee of the scholarship is being selected on the basis of test scores and grade point average. A scholarship is also awarded on non-academic reasons like sports and tennis or any other sports achievement.  The most common scholarship types are stated as under.Merit based.Minority based.Career-specific.Intellectual/skill. (Awarded on intellectual reasoning)Creative/innovative projects and ideas. (Projects on creativity and innovative ideas)Self-help aid is a financial assistance given to students on some repayment schedules. Following are few broader appellations of self-help aid.Student loans are sanctioned to the teens whose study path becomes constrained due to the financial crisis they are facing. Student loans are generated generally by two sources.Federal direct student loan program. (Leniency in terms and flexibility at repayments)Private education loans.Your financial advisor can guide you that what type of economical self-help sounds best for you. Under this compendium students are permitted to do part time jobs. Usually 15-20 hours in a week are prearranged for students to do part time job, whether in campus or in nearby localities. It alleviates their education expense load and removes mental stress to some extent. You are allowed to work and earn throughout your academic session even in summer vacations. Part time jobs are accommodating for students to groom socially. Students learn time management and develop soft skills at their work place while interacting with different ethnicity and embark confidence.If you need any guidance then please fill the assessment form and our experts will connect with you.....!!!

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