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PA College Prep

Irvine, CA - USA

PA College Prep guides students to be dedicated to achieving the highest possible academic and personal goals. By offering strategic test preparation programs, college counseling and admissions coaching, technologically advanced classrooms, foundation-building instruction, and individual attention, we instill the spirit of determination and a lifelong devotion to learning into students who want to be the best. Our team--teachers, staff, counselors, curriculum designers, and directors--strive every day to guide young people toward excellence and to the fulfillment of their highest potential.

My Private Professor

Irvine, CA - USA

My Private Professor's team of tutors is comprised of academic rock stars. Most of our tutors have earned their bachelors' degrees from top universities, and many have earned graduate degrees in a variety of rigorous fields. In short, our team has more degrees than a thermometer! Unlike tutor databases, we did the leg work for you and hand-picked, interviewed, and background-checked each of the tutors on our curated "dream team" for every subject and exam.Our Academic Facilitator will match your student with the tutor that will best meet his/her academic needs, and is on hand to ensure that your student is receiving a truly enriching tutoring experience with us.Unlike tutoring centers, we literally go the extra mile for you. We tutor students at libraries, cafes, extracurricular facilities, and home, as well as online via Skype.

Edvanced Learning

Edvanced Learning

Cypress, CA - USA

The Edvanced vision is simple: invest in our future - our students - so that they can become better, brighter, more inspiring leaders in the years to come. We invest ourselves in our students' lives because their success matters to us on a personal level. For us, it's not just a job; it's our mission to help students realize all their potential and step out into the world prepare, passionate, and confident.

Fundamental Chess Academy

Fullerton, CA - USA

Alpha Academy was established in Southern California in 1991. Originally founded by Mr. Cobert Kim, it has expanded from the Rowland Heights campus to Fullerton campus. Alpha Academy has found its success with the same approach in guiding students through personal attention and making sure that every student is not just ready for the university experience but also life well beyond those years. The core value of building up Alpha Students is founded in the desire to promote the complete student. The well-rounded Alpha Student is ready for the challenges of picking a university to apply to, choosing a major, committing to a career, understanding the relationships of family and friends, as well as understanding the need for determination and perseverance to succeed in life. The core foundations of the classes offered at Alpha Academy have always been founded on challenging students with purpose. Our approach is to help students understand the world through the experiences that they have already naturally experienced, such as their understanding of relationships with their parents, friends, student body, family members, and teachers. In this basic prior knowledge that they begin to explore, they can start to relate their experiences onto a bigger scale of relating it to literary textbooks that they might have read in their English classes, historical events learned from their history classes, or even making sense of political events or current events that are currently in the news today.

Gateway Academy

Cerritos, CA - USA

Gateway Academy prides itself in the quality of our refined programs, and nearly perfect satisfaction rate.

Score Savers

Chino, CA - USA

Thanks for taking the time to visit Score Savers, your home for advanced assistance in college application and test preparation. At Score Savers, we’re capable of providing you with help on your college admissions tests in order to make your application more appealing to colleges. We offer a variety of affordable college prep courses that’ll set you out on the path to acing the ACT, the SAT, the SAT 2, the AP Test, and more! Also – because the college acceptance process isn’t based solely on your tests – we’ll be glad to assist you in crafting the best possible application letter as well. Whether you’re striving to get into the prestigious college of your dreams or you’re just looking for a boost to your application’s attractiveness, the team at Score Savers is here to help!

College Admissions Authority

College Admissions Authority

Orange County, CA - United States

For the last three years, our team at College Admissions Authority has helped scores of clients achieve their educational goals. Our founder, Dr. Swango, obtained his undergraduate degrees in economics and physics from Duke University. After graduating summa cum laude he received a Fulbright Fellowship to South Korea.

Study Smarter NYC


Earn your highest possible score by getting a test prep program tailored to your specific needs.

Bothell STEM Coach


Whether you or your child need help with anything from fractions all the way up to Multi-Variable Calculus, I have you covered. While every student has the ability to master science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects, not every student can reach their full potential in the standard classroom curriculum.

Meeraj Patel

Meeraj Patel

Edison, NJ - USA

*Holder of 99th Percentile (Top 1%) Scores on the SAT, ACT, & GRE **10+ years of experience with 10,000+ hours in 1-on-1 lessons, classes, & workshops for the SAT, ACT, & GRE **State-of-the-art curriculum, featuring battle-tested techniques & high-yield approaches for every section & question type of the SAT, ACT, & GRE POLICIES