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When it comes to college planning, the toughest part may be figuring out how to get started. You have so many things to consider when it comes to finding that elusive “right fit.” After helping hundreds of students with their college plans, we know the questions to ask to find the best starting place. What do they want to study? Where do they want to go to
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I spent almost half my life in a classroom.  22 years.  Along the way, I worked with thousands of different students teaching everything from remedial 7th grade English/Language Arts to Dual Credit English IV and AP Language and Composition.  I even taught remedial Algebra I one year. Every year, no matter the subject I taught, my students outperformed the campus average on standardized tests.  I’ve written curriculum, presented topics at the state convention for English teachers, and created professional development sessions for colleagues and school districts in addition to teaching teenagers.

After my first child was born, I realized I wanted to be available for events in his life that I would have to miss if I kept teaching. I wouldn’t be able to make it to his first day of school, because I’d have to be greeting my own students on the first day. I’d have to leave the house before he woke up and many evenings I’d be grading essays while he played on his own. When my second child was born, I decided I had to do something different.

So, I started Bybee College Prep. While earning a masters degree in Educational Leadership and getting certified as an administrator, I did research into how schools could help more students achieve National Merit recognition. My research had already grown into a tutorial service that had helped dozens of students reach National Merit Semifinalist, and I wanted to offer what I had learned to more students.

As an educator, I’m certified to teach Gifted and Talented students and have completed courses for Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate programs. I’ve also served on test item review committees multiple times for the companies that write standardized tests and helped write online curriculum used by major test preparation companies. I understand what goes into crafting these tests.

In addition to teaching, I coached soccer, both club and in high school, boys and girls, for 18 years.  I got to coach in a few state tournaments.  Helped win a gold medal once and coached to a bronze of my own.  I even served a term as the president of the state high school soccer coaches’ association (TASCO).  I served in the U.S. Army Reserve for 9 years and received an Honorable Discharge as a 1st Lieutenant.  I have published articles in The Dallas Morning News on occasion and love to share my thoughts about this education thing we’re still trying to perfect.


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