Which universities in the West Coast are famous all over the world?

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The west coast of the U.S stands proud to own an abundance of higher education institutes, both public and private. The plethora of universities in this region makes the west coast the hub of business and technological innovation. Below are the top ranked 6 universities located in the west coast which are known all over the world.


Found in the 1885, Stanford University today has an undergraduate enrollment of 7,034 and a huge campus spreading over 8,180 acres.

Stanford University has a total of seven schools among which four offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs while the other three are purely graduate schools including one of the prestigious Graduate School of Business.

University of California – Berkeley

Found in 1868, University of California has a vision to educate the future generations so they can create their own happiness; for themselves and for the community they live in.

Berkeley is one of the leading universities of the country with 14 schools and 170 academic programs that enroll 27,126 students for the undergraduate and 10,455 students for the graduate schools. The campus has 1522 full-time faculty members who have earned the university 7 Nobel prizes apart from the 29 Nobel prizes won by the alumni.

University of California - Los Angeles

Doubting the critics, finding opportunity in dissatisfaction and challenging the status quo is the gist of UCLA. If there is a driving force behind the students and UCLA's faculty, it’s the optimism. UCLA claims that optimism is a quality which is in the university's DNA and that is what helps the people there discover new boundaries and helps keep the focus on education, learning and service.

There must be something right about their perspective which has earned the university 13 Noble Prizes, 12 MacArthur Fellows, 261 Olympic Medals and 113 NCAA titles which is more than what any university has ever bagged.

Among UCLA's schools there is the prestigious Anderson School of Management and the renowned School of Theatre, Film and Television.

 University of California – Riverside 

University of California, Riverside is one of the most prestigious schools of the University of California educational system which is currently entertains a swooping number of 22,000 students every year and a faculty of 900 members to cater to the student body. UCR provides the students with a supportive environment which encourages learning and research which would help the students to fish for the right opportunities. University of California, Riverside was established in 1954 and has a campus size of 1,200 acres.

California Institute of Technology

Caltech is a known name for science and technology education. Caltech encourages its students to face all scientific challenges and social questions.

Caltech has a vast faculty and student body, dedicated to give the world a better understanding of their surrounding and inventing the technologies that make the future better. Caltech is an institute full of the drive to achieve and the ambition required. Its faculty is widely recognized internationally and has earned 35 Nobel Prizes.

Caltech educates its students to eventually become creative and useful members of the society.

Chapman University 

Found in 1861, Chapman University is one of the most prestigious private universities of the country. Chapman University is known to produce to the world many renowned artists, scientists and leaders; all with their own unique journey and a mission to change the world. Chapman University is known for its friendly and collaborative atmosphere where students find inspiration in their mentors who are the faculty members on the campus. The faculty works tirelessly to help the students reach their respective goals.
Today, Chapman has expanded their annual enrollments to 6,410 students annually and has a campus spreading all over a 78 acre land. Potential students are invited to come and see this close knit family of Chapman and view all the reasons to become a part of the family.