Which universities have been around since the longest time?

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United States today is popularly known for the abundance of the educational institutes that it holds, especially graduate and post graduate colleges and universities. Some of the universities are the oldest in the world, even dating back to the 17th century; before the American Revolution. 

Harvard University

Known as New College formerly, Harvard University got its name after its patron, John Harvard who donated his massive scholar’s library and half of his estate to Harvard University. This magnificent university in the heart of Massachusetts is ranked the first in the world for its life sciences and medicine program and second for arts and humanities, along with University of Cambridge. 

The College of William and Mary

Established in 1693 the college of William and Mary was named after the reigning British co-monarchs who gave the institute its royal charter. The university is ranked among the top 300 in the world for its English Language and Literature and its alumni include Thomas Jefferson and two other renowned US presidents. 

Yale University

Originally found as Collegiate School, Yale is ranked on the 15th position in the world today, 4th in the world for law and legal studies and 6th for arts and humanities. The university got its present name after the governor of British East India Company, Elihu Yale. Yale University was previously located in Clinton, Saybrook and Wethersfield and originally was an institution of theology and sacred languages. Later the campus was moved to Connecticut, New Haven and humanities and sciences were included in the curriculum in 1718 and 1777, respectively. 

University of Pennsylvania

Established in 1740 and chartered in 1755, the University of Pennsylvania currently ranks 18th in the world right now and 5th for its business and management college. Found by Benjamin Franklin, University of Pennsylvania was the first one to introduce undergraduate and graduate studies together, also it was the first institute to offer medical studies in 1765. 

Moravian College

Moravian College was established in 1742 and till 1913 it was known as the Moravian Seminary and College for Women. Moravian College was the first boarding school for Women and gained its reputation when George Washington personally requested the headmaster for the admission of two of his nieces. This university located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania was charted to produce baccalaureate degrees in 1863 and it wasn’t before 1954 that the institute became a co-institutional college. 

University of Delaware

Established in 1743 and chartered in 1833, University of Delaware counts in the oldest universities of the United States. University of Delaware was not a chartered university till 90 years of its establishment since it was a part of Pennsylvania Colony and would become the rival of University of Pennsylvania otherwise. Nonetheless, University of Delaware is known for its quality teaching today. 

Princeton University

Princeton is ranked amongst the top 11 universities of the world and dates back to 1746. It started off as the College of New Jersey and was aimed to train minister, however, today it ranks the 7th in arts and humanities and 2nd for politics and international studies. Princeton University has some of the oldest landmarks, including the Nassau Hall which was built in 1756.

Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University got its name from George Washington and Robert E. Lee; the former was the president of the US and donated $20,000 to the university while the latter was the president of the university. This private liberal arts university was formerly known as Augusta Academy and Liberty Hall.

Columbia University

Currently located in New York, makes it to the 22nd position in the world ranking, 8th for arts and humanities and 7th for English Language and Literature. Columbia University was chartered in 1754 as Kings College by George II of the Britain and was renamed with its current title when the US gained independence. Columbia University has gained a name for having the most renowned alumni; the five Founding Fathers of America. 

Brown University

 The youngest in the list of the oldest universities of the United States, Brown University was established back in 1764 as College of Rhode Island. Brown was the first university to enroll students without any religious biases and today, is known for its alumni, numerous Noble Prizes, Rhodes Scholars and its billionaire alumni.