What you need to know when applying for College

   a year ago

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Answered a year ago

College admission is not just about filling an application with the best information, there is so much more that you need to do when applying for college. The very first important thing being, which college do you want to apply to? Students have more than one choice, where on one hand they might want to go to University of Pennsylvania, at the same time, the amazing academics of Duke University. Each school has so much to offer to the students that they often get super confused as to which college should they apply first. Before you begin filling a college application for any college, the following things need to be done by you as a student.

  1. Research efficiently about the college of your choice and analyze which school would be the best for you. Whether you want to go to a simple graduate school or want to go to a career school which would give you a more focused direction.  Go through the websites and booklets of different schools to understand what programs they offer and decide on the top 5 that you might want to apply to.
  2. Once you have picked your favorite top 5, you might want to narrow down your choices to 3. This will help you make a better decision about which college out of the 5 matches your eligibility, including your financial circumstances.
  3. The next step for you as a student is to look into the major requirements of the school that you have finally chosen to apply. Since the requirements for college admission vary from college to college, you might want to write it all down in front of you so that you don’t have to access the websites again and again. The main purpose of doing this is so that you know the deadlines and don’t miss out on any deadline, whether it’s submitting the college application or submitting the tuition fee.