What skills should you mention on your college application to stand out?

   2 years ago

VuNova, Connecting you with right people
Answered 2 years ago

Some applicants might mistake the college applications to be a matter of numbers; GPA, grades and rankings. Though, numbers are important as well, admission committees are looking for a lot more things and are also interested in knowing you as a person, your character. It is not the numbers that help the committee judge if you would be an accurate fit for the college environment. Below are some of the things that you should include in your college application, qualities that will convince the admission committee to grant you acceptance.

  1. Commitment
    Make sure that your application is just not about the range of activities that you have been doing. If the activities are less but show your dedication, it would be a plus point for you as an applicant. Sticking to one interest and excelling at it gives a better image of you as a student. Grab all chances to show your commitment towards academics, extra-curricular activities and personal passions.
  2. Creativity
    By asking you to show your ability, we are asking you to tap your ability to think out of the box and show your unique perspective, interpretations and approaches towards various things. Your creativity can be shown through any of your interest, may it be arts, sports or cooking. This is important because your creativity is what sets you apart from other applicants.
  3. Critical Thinking
    This will indicate if you are ready to come out of the high school frame of mind and settle into the more mature atmosphere. Critical thinking determines if the applicant is able to bear the burden of the coursework.
  4. Initiative
    Thinking out f the box is just half the task done. Those ideas are of no use if you don’t have the plan and the sense of turning them into reality. Colleges are on the lookout for students who not only know which opportunities are the best for them but also know how to create opportunities for themselves. Having the courage to kick off is a major quality on its own.
  5. Love for Learning
    The applicants should ideally be curious about their surrounding and always be motivated to learn and gain new experiences. Proving that you are intellectually inquisitive is a promise that you will utilize the degree to the fullest and do justice to your acceptance in the college.
  6. Smart Judgment
    The admission committee wants to know if you are somewhat out of your teenage years if not fully in the adulthood. By this they want to gauge your ability to handle freedom, responsibilities, future planning and accurately assume the consequences.
  7. Leadership
    Probably because it is a very common skill, many applicants tend to ignore this. However, leadership is a very important skill and is something admission committees are on the lookout for.  Proficient leadership skill covers everything, from overseeing projects, provide praise and criticism and the ability to inspire and achieve goals. The safest way to portray your leadership skill is by showing it your extra-curricular activities that you were a part in your high school.
  8. Accepting Nature
    College is a new experience over all and requires the student to be more accepting and adjusting, two qualities that the admission committee tries to judge in your college application or the interview. These qualities would help the new student to adjust in the environment, acquaintances and perspectives.
  9. Social Awareness
    The admission committee wants its applicants to be aware of not only their own surrounding but the environment and communities beyond boundaries. Increased awareness means that the student takes interest in global matters and is willing to be a part in making things better for everyone.
  10. Teamwork
    The admission committee requires much more than individual accomplishments and also highlights your ability to work with a team. Apart from internships and other formal workplaces, you are bound to socialize with people when you are living and studying with them. The better you are at teamwork, the smoother your college experience tends to be.