What is important when selecting an EMBA? Name of school, flexibitly or cost.

   2 years ago

George C Hennen, Space and Technology Strategic adviser with experience of working for NASA. If you want to pursue career in space industry, i can provide some valuable advise.
Answered 2 years ago

Name brand means a lot to an employer, I can't tell you how many face to face interviews have told me that it was one of the reasons I was sitting there in the interview. The school you brand yourself with by attending carries with it quite a bit, good and bad, remember that when selecting a school. Cost is a huge factor and it is important to look at where you want to go with your career, if you are relying on student loans to get an MBA but have a desire to stay in a field like public municipality management you might want to look elsewhere. Ensure your personal expected ROI is taken into account when selecting, factor in money and personal growth if you desire. Flexibility is huge, especially if you plan to continue working, some schools and programmes do not allow you to work while in an MBA, others require you to continue to work in a management position, weigh these factors when calculating your ROI and what you hope to gain from the programme.