What college is looking to find in ‘Why This College’ essay?

   a year ago

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Answered a year ago

The question asked in this section of the college application is quite simple and is written in simple language. However, most student get confused if the meaning behind it is as simple or not or if there is something else that the college aims to get out of the applicants. Most students are confused id they are supposed to write about their choice of college or if it’s themselves they are supposed to write about.

To answer this question, it is important for the applicants to understand it first. This is one of the most common parts of an application, however, every college requires a different answer; sometimes in a paragraph form or sometimes just in a two-liner quote. This question is basically asked to judge the seriousness and interest that the candidate is taking in the college.

Coming to the college vs. me problem, you should ideally write about both. The real purpose of this question is not to write long stories about yourself, nor list down the qualities of the college (the admission committee already knows about them). The purpose of this question is to find a connection between you and the college – to see if you would fit in the college or not. Also, try to make your connection with the college, unique and personal. Your answer should stand out.

Basically, here you need to do the sentimental talk and link it with yourself. Try reading the philosophy and the mission statement and associate it with your personality, past or future aims. Don’t just flood this section with the qualities of the college but talk about how the college stands out and what it has that the others don’t.

Furthermore, go on discussing how you and the college are the ‘made for each other’ kind of a fit and how their philosophy and culture matched your values and future goals. Just be careful not go on and on aimlessly but keep you focus fixed to aspects special to you.