What are entertainment options for students at Cornell?

   2 years ago

Ahmed Ali Shah, Housing in a hilly city can be tricky and Ithaca is no different. Ask me about housing in Ithaca, things to do around the city, settling in Cornell and major selection.
Answered 2 years ago

Every person has his/her own way of enjoying. At Cornell, some students like to play sports like badminton, squash, table tennis which are easily accessible until at least 10pm on weekdays in Cornell's fitness facilities. Some like to get together with friends and go out for parties in Collegetown or Ithaca Commons (downtown). Some might like to go rock climbing in Bartels hall. Some like to go ice skating in Cornell's Lynah Rink or play soccer in Bartel Hall's Ramen court. Some like to go visit the Johnson Museum, Cornell plantations or have an ice-cream at Cornell's dairy bar. There are countless options for entertainment at Cornell and you will always find someone to do it with you.