Should you be Applying for admission at top schools even when your scores are not so great?

   a year ago

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Answered a year ago

Many schools including Stanford University, Oxford University, University of Pennsylvania, North-western University and pretty much all the top-notch schools consider merit as well other factors. This gives you a reason to not just worry about your bad grades or grades lower than the expected grades because these colleges look for other things in a student too. For instance, the character of the student is one of the major criteria that schools all over the world consider before granting them acceptance.  So if you got a bad score on your SAT or your high schools grades, don’t worry at all. Just make sure that your extra-curricular activities and your community services for the society are enough to attract college to give your college application a thumbs up.

Many students make the decision of not applying to colleges or delay their plans of applying for college admissions based on their scores. They don’t discuss it with experts, which would be a better idea, because experts understand the requirements of schools. College admission consultants too can be a great help during this period.

Students need to understand that the college that they are applying too will not just accept or reject their college application based on the score written on it. This should be a source of motivation for all those who have had bad scores and were worried about applying to the University of their Dreams. But then again, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work hard on your scores. Test scores is one of the many major factors, which helps the college decide whether to accept or reject your application. It is not the only factor. So be confident about your character, your curricular activities and, your achievements in high school. All of them added together, including your bad test score, just might turn out to be in your favour, getting you acceptance from the college you have applied for.