Should you apply early for Admission at top schools like Harvard, Yale, Cornell etc

   2 years ago

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Answered 2 years ago

For those students who are interested in getting admission in well-known and popular schools like Princeton University, Harvard University, University of Chicago and Yale University, applying early for college admission can be a good and a bad decision based on your college application and your overall score.

Why would applying early for college admission be a good decision?


Applying early for college admission can be a great decision for you if your application for college admission is superb and attracts the attention of various colleges. Applying early for college admissions must not be done in a hurry by the student, just to make sure that the student gets accepted.  It often happens that when a student is applying early for college admission, they forget minute details which can be the main reason for their rejection. So if you plan to apply early for college admission in any college of your choice, you must make sure that the college application is perfect, your college essay must also reflect your thinking and what you are as a person.  There are higher chances of you getting accepted if this is the case.

Why would applying early for college admission would be a bad decision?


May it be Columbia University or University of Chicago, these schools offer a number of scholarship based on merit. They also provide financial aid to the students who are not financially strong and would need financial aid to be a part of a prestigious university. However, if you want to get scholarship based on merit and are applying early for college admission, there are chances that you might not get the scholarship that you want. This, according to a number of articles is one of the disadvantages of applying early for college admission. Another drawback of applying before time for college admission is that, in case the student gets rejected, because of whatever reason, he or she might get discouraged and may start doubting their abilities. They might not be able to take this rejection positively and start seeing themselves as worthless of other opportunities and might not even apply anywhere else.