Is there any significant advantage when you apply in Round 1 for MBA admission

   2 years ago

Shah J Zeb MBA, MSc, What is the real value of an Ivy League education. Ask Shah about his MBA experience from Cornell University.
Answered 2 years ago

For MBA admissions a lot of people are admitted in round 2 as well, and if your application is not ready by the time of Round 1, you should not be afraid to slide to round 2. At the beginning of round 1, all of the seats in the class are available. At the beginning of round 2, a several of seats have already been given away, and you are also competing with those on the waitlist. But then of course, there are those who say that all of the top candidates are applying in round 1 – and you are up against the toughest competition. So then, maybe it is best to apply round 2? If you are ready, with your application then it doesnt matter which round you apply. If you are ready, and confident, then it doesn’t matter in which round you apply.