I want to change career, should I do an EMBA?

   2 years ago

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Answered 2 years ago

There are several reasons why experienced professionals pursue executive MBA programs, it could be to facilitate career switch, change of industry, career advancement or personal development. Although you will learn about teamwork, leadership and practical skills such as accounting and finance, but overall MBA will help you polish your existing skills, build your network, and expose you to new industries. Before applying to business schools, one should critically evaluate what MBA will do for them. Top business schools such as MIT Salon, Johnson Business School at Cornell, Yale School of Management, UC Berkeley, and UCLA’s Anderson business school along with several others have very good reputation for Executive MBA programs.

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Answered 2 years ago

Most people change their roles / jobs during or after the EMBA. It's expected. However, if you can build on your existing abilities and knowledge, chances are you will benefit more.

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Answered 2 years ago

It is very hard to answer this question, without understanding someone's background. Before going EMBA route its critical to spend sometime evaluating what benefits this program will bring.