How to Overcome Procrastination

   2 years ago

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Answered 2 years ago

Do you always end up leaving your college assignments to the last minute? Can you never get yourself to study for a very important exam the next day? Is the last minute panic not enough to get you studying? Well, if all of this is true in your case, you’re a persistent procrastinator and you should know that this is going to get you nowhere. Thus, it is better to end this habit and have more productive study routine in the future. Below are some tips that will help you overcome this problem.

Don’t Think about What-Ifs

What’s done is done and you can’t do much about it. You’ve wasted a lot of time which can’t come back so if you don’t want to make it worse, accept it and move on. This way, you would still have a chance to make something of the little time that you are left with. Instead of whining over what you could have achieved, had you started on time, try to utilize that time planning how you can manage rest of the time efficiently.

Block out the Distractions

Mostly, it’s the technology that attracts you in a way which can suck you in. YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are the biggest distracters while studying. There is just one tip for this; learn to resist. May it be social media updates and your friends calling you for a game; everyone and everything can wait. Thus, think of ways to avoid these distractions in the time frame that you have dedicated to your study. Switch off your phone or give it to a friend, sibling or a parent to keep safe while you’re studying.

Prioritize and Focus

One of the greatest reasons of procrastination is not streamlining your tasks due to which everything seems jumbled up and confusing. So it’s better to streamline your study by categorizing and focusing on the more important things first and the rest, later on. This is a way to ensure that the important things get their due time.

Hit the Bed

It is a very common perception that if you are studying at night and for longer hours, you’re studying more. However, more time spent awake does not always result into a productive study. As a result, when your mind is tired, you tend to procrastinate and just burn time. So instead of fooling yourself that you are utilizing the time well, listen to your body and sleep so your mind can actually be fresh the next day and you get yourself into some real productive and fruitful study.

Do Not Repeat

The feeling of remorse is pretty bad and can get worse if you find yourself doing the same thing again. So once when you have suffered at the hands of procrastination, try to remember how dreadful it was to keep yourself