How to get into Harvard University?

   2 years ago

VuNova, Connecting you with right people
Answered 2 years ago

Harvard is looking for individuals who are driven, passionate and have the ability to become a powerful leader in their chosen fields, whether it be in the business, politics or in corporate world. Admission office at Harvard will evaluate your application by providing academic ratings and personal ratings. Because there are so many top applicants at Harvard, you need to find a way to stand out, this is where a personalized letter of recommendation can be very important. Additionally, well-crafted essay providing evidence how you will contribute to campus life is equally important. In an essay, highlight you have a personality and confidence to take any challenge. Champion Profile: • SAT/ACT scores in the 95-99th percentile • Top 3-4% of high school class • Publication or journal • Leadership potential • Challenging course load of Advanced placement(AP) courses • Personalized letter of recommendation, showing why you are the best • Essay to show how you will fit in perfectly and would contribute to social and academic life. How to enhance personal ratings/profile: • Published author • Awards at national and regional level • Student body president • Top Debater at national or regional level