How to get best out of college campus tours

   a year ago

VuNova, Connecting you with right people
Answered a year ago

Your visit to the college campus must be quite an exciting time for the prospective students. It is not only good in terms of the information they will receive, but it would kick start the students’ imagination and help them visualize themselves in that location; something that would help them strive harder to get in the university. However, one should not be too dependent on the information they gain from the college tour. There will still be things that you wouldn’t be mentioned in your tour and you wouldn’t realize that till it ends; probably because you’ll be too overwhelmed during the visit. The reason for this is not because the university wants to hide something from you, but because those things might be too insignificant to be mentioned in the precious time that is set for the tour. VuNova brings most of those minuet details that you might not hear from your guide.

The Whereabouts of the Campus
As mentioned before, most of the things will be too insignificant to mention in the college tour. So you’ll need to know where the campus is located; in an urban location or a rural one. There are more factors when it comes to the environment; the safety of the whereabouts, internship opportunities and recreational spots. Though these things are important as well, they are barely mentioned by the guide.

The Housing Options
If your guide happens to be a current student or an alumnus; they’ll tell you little about the campus. However there are other things that you wouldn’t hear about. One is the options of off-campus housing and the other a sneak peek into the dorms, their culture, best dining halls and traditions.

The Sneak Peek into the Classes
A student who is serious about getting in a university will need more information than the courses offered and the majors that the campus is known for. The minor details that a student would want to know are the stress that students have from the classes, what professors assign their students on an average and how long are the gap between the end of classes and the final exams. This would help students have a clearer view of what they should be expecting.

Student’s Activities in their Free Time
The college tour gives a complete view of what the students should be expecting from the university and curriculum. However, what students don’t learn about are the options that they will have during their spare time. If a college visitor really wants to imagine themselves in the campus life till they see themselves hanging around the campus, involved in extra-curricular activities and spending time meeting up at the famous spots, in and out of the campus.

The Secret Spots
Although, the secluded spots here and there wouldn’t make it to the conversation your visit guide has with you, these are the spots which are most popular among students; wither to take a break from the hustle of the university or to study in peace and silence.

Eateries Around the Campus
You might not initially realize how important this factor is and you wouldn’t realize the need to know this, but as the time passes, you’ll know the importance of the eateries in the whereabouts of your campus. No matter how good is the food that you have in the dorms, you will eventually be tired of it and will need to treat your tastebuds with a change. Since it is something off campus, it is very unlikely to be mentioned in the college tour.

The Getaways

At the time of your college tours, you might not even imagine being sick of the studies and the college routine but there is going to be a point where you would want a break from all of it. However, this is the information no one is going to tell you because the college representatives wouldn’t know about such places and the visit guides would consider this information to useless to mentioned.