How to find scholarship for college?

   2 years ago

VuNova, Connecting you with right people
Answered 2 years ago

Scholarship for college education can be a big boost, although it is not very easy to get a big scholarship, however by spending few hours odds are you may get few thousands of dollars. 

Here are few things to consider-

  1. Search for all need based source of funding in your state. This can be easily applied by completing online FAFSA application
  2.  Look for low hanging fruit- meaning scholarships in the $500-$1000 range. Majority of applicants go after larger sums, and chances are competition in this category isn’t going to be stiff. 
  3. Work hard on your SAT/ACT scores, if you are able to obtains higher scores in SAT/ACT, you get up to $20,000 scholarships, which is renewable for 4 years.