How important is internship during college years

   a year ago

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Answered a year ago

An internship has a lot of importance for a college student as it directly impacts their career path in the future. It doesn’t matter if the internship is paid or not or whether it will add to your grades or not, a student must value the internship they plan to do or aim to get. It is a huge step for your career as an internship helps you get experience of a real work place. Many college students believe that internships means doing work like grabbing a mug of coffee for your boss or stapling the papers together, but there is much more to an internship for a college student. There are students who miss out on great opportunities for internships just because they weren’t paying them. You as a college student need to understand that it is not always about getting paid. Yes of course you would love it more when it is paid, but rejecting an offer of internship just because they weren’t paying you, is a bad decision. An internship is very vital for your resume as a college student, and if you want to work in the future, you must gain as much experience as possible. Take a look at the following explanation as to why an internship is important for you.

Being a part of any firm is a big chance for you to learn new skills and have a first-hand experience in working in a company with professionals. You as in intern will not only do the small tasks like grabbing a mug of coffee, but will also dealing with real office work which will help you understand what a company does and how it is run.  Working as an intern could help you master your degree concepts which you have learned and apply them in actual time. This will help you a lot in your future and guide you through when you get an actual permanent job in the firm you initially had planned to work for.