Getting into College without SAT or ACT an option?

   a year ago

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Answered a year ago

If you have just completed your high school, and are looking for college admissions in prestigious schools like Columbia University or Dartmouth College, the very first important thing you need to check is whether they require a placement test or not. Since most of the top and popular schools require you as student to appear for SAT or ACT, you might just want to prepare yourself in time to get an amazing test score.

These are standardized tests which have been getting a lot of attention for debate as to whether these are necessary for college students or not. SAT and ACT, both cover up subjects that students have already covered back in high school. Where on one hand, these tests are considered to be very important in analyzing the level of academic skills of the student, there has been a lot of discussion as to how this is not true in reality.  The results of these tests might not display an accurate depiction of the academic skills that a student has or is capable of. This is one reason why many schools are reanalyzing the compulsion of these aptitude tests and considering the removal of such policies as they might seem pretty baseless in view of certain schools.

If you are scared to appear for these tests, you might just get lucky enough if the school that you aim to apply for might make these SAT or ACT optional for you. That is why you need to update yourself about the changing policies of schools to know whether you need to prepare for a test or not. George Washington University is one of the many schools who have revised their school policies and have removed the compulsion of these tests by giving the student an option to give the test or not.

Different colleges view the need for this aptitude test differently, so you as an applicant should be very careful about the requirements of the school you are applying for admission and must not get confused about the test being optional as that is not the case for every institute.