Are there any benefits of finishing college early?

   a year ago

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Answered a year ago

While some students find it very easy to mold their courses and credit hours accordingly and graduate before 4 years, others might find this task to be very difficult. If you categorize yourself to be a part of the latter, just know that graduating early is not always a bed of roses and there are also many downsides to it. 

Other ways to Save Money 

There are many students who’d want to graduate early because that would help them save money. However, most of them don’t know the other, very efficient way to save money. Many students register themselves as part-time students towards the end of their degree. This doesn’t only help them save money but also gives them time to look for jobs or apply for post-graduation degrees. 

Increase the Stress 

You’re not going to have the stress at the same time as your classmates doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to dodge the senior stress altogether. In fact, be prepared that it might a bit worse for you since you’ll have to wind up things before the time you had initially planned for. Deadlines, due project work and credit hours; fulfilling these requirements in less time might not be a very pleasant thing. 

Missing out on the Fun 

While you’ll be happy to get done with the senior year stress on time, you might also miss out on the senior year fun most of your classmates will be having. Although you’ll be invited to every occasion that your classmates will be having, it won’t be the same as staying around and celebrating every day and every weekend to make the farewell count. 

No Guarantee on the Employment Status 

While you might want to graduate early because you think you might get a job as soon as you leave college, just know that the chances of you graduating might increase but that doesn’t guarantee anything. Moreover, being jobless with your class fellows isn’t as frustrating as being without a job alone. 

The official mark of the beginning of Adulthood 

Lastly, getting out of college would officially mean that you’d have to adult now; get a decent job, pay bills and have greater responsibilities. Not everyone is ready for this at a specific point in their lives. So why rush into it and bid farewell to the secure living when adulthood is all you have to do for the rest of your life.