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Choosing a college or university has become increasingly more selective. There are 3,000 colleges to choose from throughout the country and thousands of students vying for those spots. That's why we are here: Admissions Process Insight. Our Extensive knowledge of the top universities and colleges and what they are looking for help make the college search and admissions process simple.
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We help high-performing students maximize their chances of admission into prestigious universities

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Complete Application Package

Essay Assistance

Reference letter

Interview Preparation

College Matching

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I offer package deals depending on how many schools you want to work with me on. I coach on the entire application, not just essays, because the application is reviewed holistically by admissions. So, attention is paid to strategizing how to "Up Level" the Activities List and the Additional Info section


High acceptance rates for Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia University, University of Chicago, NYU, Princeton University, Duke, Brown, Berkeley, UPenn, USC, UC, Northwestern, Boston University, Emory.


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