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We’re here to help parents and students find the day school, boarding school or college that suits their talents, needs and ambitions.Today’s educational landscape presents families with a wide range of options and opportunities. Big or small, co-ed or single sex, traditional or progressive, every school has a unique culture and outlook.
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I’m Susan Hendricks, founder and director of Prep School and College Search. In 2008, I started PS&CS, bringing over three decades of schools experience to a new role as educational advisor. Opening my consulting business was a natural next step for me. It had long been in my plans to put my experience to work helping families like yours.

As a former school and college admissions director, I have first-hand knowledge of the admissions process and an extensive professional network of colleagues. My experience as an educator and administrator contributes a real understanding of students, their individual strengths and abilities, and of how and where they can be placed to their advantage.

I have met thousands of students, parents, and educators from around the U.S. and the world, and guided a wide range of students in their school and college quests. In addition, I am a parent, and now a grandparent, so I am well acquainted with current values and expectations, as well the realities of how marketing and the internet have altered the ways that the world of education works. There are so many opportunities out there – but how to judge what is best, and how to pursue the right path for each child? These are such important questions.

Please contact me if you would like to initiate a conversation about your plans and explore the possibility of working together on a college or school search. I consult with families in an office in White Plains, New York, in their homes in the New York metropolitan area, or by telephone, Skype, or email. Geography doesn’t limit the possibilities! I look forward to hearing from you.


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