To empower and encourage students to their maximum potential through a personalized and balanced mix of guidance, fortitude, and time management. To discover, evaluate, and apply to the colleges that are right for you.Timing is key and TIME is at a premium. We exceed expectations and provide efficient expertise.
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University of California Los Angeles UCLA


Namita is passionate about making a difference in the life of college-bound students. Through her dedication to Knavigators’ clients and her volunteer work with underserved students at College Track, Namita is dedicated to finding the best college to enrich and inform the educational and life experience of her students.

  • Independent Education Consultant and founder of Knavigators College Admissions Consulting. Working with San Francisco Bay Area and international students.
  • MBA degree and Post-Graduate Certificate in College Admissions and Career Planning from UC Berkeley.
  • Prior to college consulting, Namita worked in the technology sector for companies including IBM and HP.

In order to impart the latest trends in college admissions to her clients and remain connected to industry leaders and Directors of Admissions, Namita actively participates in professional workshops and conferences and visits variety college campuses each year. In doing this, Namita is best able to guide her students objectively.


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