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Applying to college isn't easy. You need strategic planning, helpful insight and a work ethic to get it all done. We help students navigate the confusing college admissions process and mentor them towards greater motivation and maturity. Our goal is to help students reach their goals.
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ILUMIN Education provides college admissions counseling and life coaching to help students reach their college and professional goals. With our help, our students have been admitted to some of the most prestigious universities in the world, including Harvard, Stanford, Yale, UPenn, Cornell, UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC and NYU to name a few. However, our goal is not just to help students gain admission, but to find the right college fit and help position students for long-term success.

This is why we're passionate about life coaching. We not only want our teens to be amazing students, but mature and motivated individuals, making a positive impact in our world.

In the end, we help students prepare for long term success. That includes getting admitted to the right schools and growing to be the best people.


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Essay Assistance

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Interview Preparation

Complete Application Package

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Elton is the founder and CEO of ILUMIN Education. He graduated with a BS in Civil Engineering from UC Davis and completed his MDiv in Theology from Trinity International University near Chicago, IL. He has a wealth of experience and has worked with teens for almost twenty years, including in recent years being the Lead Consultant for the Bay Area's largest educational consulting firm. He was also selected as the company's Consultant of the Year in 2012.

Elton believes that success in life begins with passion and a plan. Motivated students understand themselves and embrace their true passions. Mature students know that in order to pursue their passion, they need a plan. Elton has consistently and successfully helped students grow in motivation and maturity, core traits sought after by the top colleges.

Elton's other strength is helping students develop their own signature or capstone project. As an entrepreneur himself (having also co-founded Ellie Fun Day and other ventures), he has helped many students start impactful and sustainable businesses, non-profits and independent projects. Projects like these tap into a student's true passion and become the centerpiece of their college application.

Elton is a member of the Western Association for College Admissions Counseling and an associate member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association


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