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At Charted University Consultants, we strongly believe that we can eliminate a great deal of the stress. We work with you, the student and the parents, as partners to make the process organized and manageable. We strive to keep you informed, not overwhelmed. Most importantly, we are here to help you in a caring, professional manner.
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The admissions process is less overwhelming when you have professional guidance.

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Charted University Consultants offers a variety of services to fit your needs.  Our most popular service, a comprehensive package, or hourly services

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As a founding partner of a law firm, Terry Mady-Grove has over 25 years of experience as an attorney.  During this time, she finely tuned negotiating skills, assisted clients in all types of documentation and mentored young attorneys while running the business of the law firm. Ms. Mady-Grove also has an M.A. in Teaching of English from Columbia University Teachers College and holds a teaching certification in New York, having gone back to school with a unique perspective as a mature student.  The many years of practicing law combined with understanding the psyche of a high school student create a perfect combination as she helps families choose the right school and program for their student.

As an interviewer for Cornell University for over ten years, Ms. Mady-Grove knows what pressure students are under in this competitive environment.  She also knows what makes for a successful application and interview and what does not.

As a parent, Ms. Mady-Grove has first hand experienced that the college application and selection process can be stressful.  We can provide the buffer between the student and the parent, allowing the parent-child relationship to be a pleasant one in those important high school years rather than a battleground.

Ms Mady-Grove has two children who are currently attending their first choice colleges, Princeton University and University of St. Andrews in Scotland. One child chose to attend the local public high school while the other opted to attend a boarding school several hours away from home.

The college application process can be stressful. With adequate preparation, organization, expert advice, and a sense of humor, it does not have to be. We can help the student put the best foot forward and highlight the student’s strengths. In fact, with the advice of a consultant who focuses on finding the right fit for each individual student, the college application process can be demystified and accomplished with a minimal amount of stress during a very exciting and formative time in a young adult’s life.


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